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Our Story began in 1963 in the eastern mediterranean country of Lebanon as a small family business with the name “Patisserie Maurice”.

Born into the business owned and operated by their parents, Dany Tony and Gus spent countless hours learning everything about baking and running the practice.


Dany & “Delices de Maurice”

In 1996 following his father's footsteps Dany and his wife Nadine established “Delices de Maurice" in Beirut. In 2002 they moved to Nigeria where Dany took on the role of Head Bakery Chef at two different upscale Lagos hotels. Dany eventually moved to the United States in 2015 to become the Pastry Chef at  Houston's “Flo Paris” an authentic boulangerie/patisserie owned by his childhood friends.

Driven by his passion and love for pastry, Dany decided to revive the brand “Delices de Maurice” in partnership with Felix who believed in Dany’s incredible art of pastry.


Today and after 21 years from the first opening in Beirut, “Delices de Maurice” has come back to life in the big town of Katy, Texas.   


Tony & “Maurice Pastries”

In 1989, Tony and his wife Samar moved to the United States and established “Maurice Pastries” in Virginia, a wholesale bakery targeting hotels and restaurants. In 2008, Tony and his wife expanded the array of their business and opened “Pastry Xpo” a café and Espresso bar.

Gus  & “Café Maurice”

“Café Maurice” opened its doors in October 2010 in Kansas as a Mediterranean restaurant, managed by Gus and his wife Therese  

The Srour Family

From the small family business in Lebanon to Texas, Virginia and Kansas, the Srour brothers successfully preserved their father’s name “Maurice." They artistically created the three brand names “Delices de Maurice”, “Maurice Pastries” and “Café Maurice.”

This is a glance at a family history, marked by love and passion for pastry since the early sixties. It evokes the great sense of warmth and the good feel of nostalgia. 

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